How We Do It

It takes more than magical talent to create a customized show for your tradeshow exhibit. Here’s the process we follow:

  1. We learn about your company, your products and services, and your goals for the show in which you are exhibiting. We study your target audience and learn the benefits that will motivate them to buy (or at least to learn more).

  2. Once we understand the needs of your target customers and how your product or service fills those needs, we create a repertoire of 4 or 5 magic tricks that best illustrate those needs.

  3. We create a script around the repertoire of tricks, so that the magician’s patter during the entire performance emphasizes the benefits of what you are offering.

  4. We submit the script to you so that you can tell us whether we have properly incorporated your message and accurately communicated your unique selling proposition.

  5. We listen to your recommendations and alter the script accordingly. Then we resubmit it for your approval.

  6. Once you have approved the script, we study it so that it flows naturally. When the audience sees the final polished presentation, they often can’t decide whether the presenter is a hired entertainer or a long-time member of your sales force!

  7. At the tradeshow, we become an integral member of your sales team. We dress the part, and even field simple questions between performances!

  8. Each show usually lasts 10-12 minutes and is performed twice an hour. The downtime between shows gives your sales team the chance to meet with the hot prospects identified during the course of each performance.